GabbaPete GabbaPete

Birth date 1982
Home town Bratislava, Slovakia
Favorite style breakcore, hardcore, speedcore, terror
DJ since 2003
Mixing style I usually mix from the begining till the end fast and aggresive tracks. There is no chance to play slow and newstyle sound. I prefer a lot of breaks, noizes and fast distorted bassdrums. I want to see bleeding ears and people in convulsion. The end of my sets must finish with brutal speedcore.
Favorite labels SANA, USN, TNI, DBN, Indstrial strength, Bloody Fist, Epiteth, Fischkopf, Sut Rov, Cunt, Brutal Chud, Strike, Shockwave, Deathchant, Pacemaker, Zero 71, Peace Off, Addict and many more
Favorite artists E-De-Cologne, BSE DJ Team, Nordcore, The Destroyer, Noize Creator, Micropoint, Nasenbluten, Suicide Squad, Tense, Amiga Shock Force, Burning Lazy Persons, Delta 9, DOA, GFB, Lord Lloigor, Skullblower, Neurocore, Hellfish, Ely Muff, Drokz, Noizefucker, RAM, Detest, I:Gor, Speedfreak, FFF, Venetian Snares, Supply Module, Dr. Bastardo, old Promo and Predator (Scheltema) and many more

Brain Cracking 2, 15.3.2003, Slovakia

Brain Cracking 3, 28.6.2003, Slovakia

Brain Cracking 4, 25.10.2003, Bratislava (SK)

Brain Cracking 5, 1.5.2004, Bratislava (SK)

Hell Or Heaven 8, 15.5.2004, Salzburg (A)

Hardcore Giants, 5.6.2004, Bruck an der Leitha (A)

HardTarget, 21.2.2004, Bruck an der Leitha (A)

Death Experience, 2.10.2004, Vienna (A)

Drumac, 2.6.2005, Bratislava (SK)

Brain Cracking 6, 26.11.2005, Bratislava (SK)

GTP Silvester 2005, 31.12.2005, Bratislava (SK)

BassDome, 17.12.2005, Frydek-Mistek pri Ostrave (CZ)

HellKick After Party, 19.11.2005, Vienna (A)

Brain Cracking 6, 26.11.2005, Bratislava (SK)

Gabba vs Tekkno, 22.12.2006, Bratislava (SK)

Astral Beats, 14.1.2006, Bratislava (SK)

Astral Beats 3, 10.2.2006, Bratislava (SK)

Astral Beats 4, 18.3.2006, Bratislava (SK)

Groundflash, 15.7.2006, Brno (CZ)

Groundflash 2, 30.9.2006, Brno (CZ)

Groundflash 3, 28.10.2006, Brno (CZ)

Groundflash 4, 9.12.2006, Brno (CZ)

Groundflash 5, 13.1.2007, Brno (CZ)

Groundflash 6, 17.3.2007, Brno (CZ)

Groundflash 7, 26.5.2007, Brno (CZ)

Groundflash 8, 21.7.2007, Brno (CZ)

Groundflash 9, 29.9.2007, Brno (CZ)

Groundflash XMas, 8.12.2007, Brno (CZ)

Braindead, 11.1.2008, Bratislava (SK)

Braindead 2, 9.2.2008, Bratislava (SK)

Groundflash 10, 22.3.2008, Brno (CZ)

Braindead 3, 29.3.2008, Bratislava (SK)

Brain Cracking 8, 10.5.2008, Bratislava (SK)

Braindead 4, 31.5.2008, Bratislava (SK)

Hardflash2, 6.6.2008, Bratislava (SK)

FreeParky, 28.6.2008, Banská Bystrica (SK)

Educational Music Blow vol. 2, 30.8.2008, SK

Toxic Dancehall, 6.12.2008, Nové Zámky (SK)

Hardflash 4, 13.2.2009, Bratislava (SK)

Groundflash 11, 7.3.2009, Brno (CZ)

GTP @ YouTube

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